The "Hydrometallurgy for Urban Mining" research group was established in 2018 and is led by professor Eveliina Repo. Currently, there are one associate professor, three postdoctoral researchers and ten junior researchers in the group. The expertise of the research group belongs to the resource recovery (metals and nutrients), advanced wastewater treatment, MOF synthesis, and manufacturing of 3D printed separation materials and electrodes. Additionally, the group members work with bio-based and antimicrobial materials. The battery laboratory will be constructed in the upcoming year.



The research group aims to recover valuable compounds as nutrients and valuable metals from the secondary streams using advanced MOF and 3D-printed adsorbents. Electrochemical methods are involved in resource recovery and wastewater treatment.  Bio-based and antimicrobial materials are under development to prevent infection contamination. Sludge utilization is also one of the goals of the research group related to the production of hard carbon and further use in batteries and capacitors. New batteries laboratory is under development.


Research areas


  • Resource recovery from wastewater
  • Recourse recovery by electrochemical processes
  • Sludge utilization
  • Wastewater treatment
  • MOF fabrication 
  • 3D printing of solid/liquid separation units and electrodes
  • 3D-printing of ion-exchange and adsorption materials
  • Battery materials
  • Bio-based and antimicrobial materials


Group members have the full accesses to LUT infrastructure (https://infra.lut.fi/equipment/).

Additionally, the group infrastructure includes:


Videos from the wastewater treatment seminar


Group members