The Research Group on Economy, Technology, and Society (GETS) adopts a critical social science approach to examining the social and political determinants and impacts of economic change, particularly focusing on cutting-edge digital technologies. This entails digital money, digital finance, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our focus encompasses the green-digital transition and the geopolitical and environmental impacts of datafication. We address these issues considering their macroeconomic and macrosocial aspects, drawing insights from Economic Sociology, Political Economy, and economic heterodox approaches.

Enriched with a Global South perspective, we explore the evolution of state-business-society relations regarding digital platforms and data governance and their resulting consequences. This includes investigating novel data markets, exploring emerging forms of digital property, and understanding the emergence of new digital commodities.

Aiming to connect analysis and diagnosis to proposal and practical applications, we seek out alternative approaches to governing economic relations oriented towards a more socially just, democratic, and sustainable future.


Research areas

  • Digital economy
  • Finance & technology
  • AI & society 
  • Political economy of green-digital transition



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