The Sustainable Biopolymer Technology Group, based at LUT University, Lahti campus in Finland, is dedicated to advancing biopolymer science and technology through innovative research and practical applications. The group aims to advance the sustainable development of materials in a variety of industries, such as packaging, binders, adhesives, sustainable wooden products, and biocomposites designed for high-performance engineering and technology applications. By combining innovative research with practical applications, the group aims to meet the changing needs of these industries by offering eco-friendly alternatives to traditional materials. The group is committed to develop solutions that not only meet industry standards, but also help to reduce environmental impact and promote long-term sustainability. The group aims to develop novel materials that are durable, efficient, and compatible with modern engineering and construction practices by combining their knowledge of biopolymer chemistry, material science, and chemical engineering. Through collaboration and innovation, group aim to drive positive change in the way materials are utilized across various sectors, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future.


Research areas

  1. Valorization of lignocellulosic biomass-derived biopolymers,
  2. High-performance biopolymer composites and biobased coating  with enhanced gas barrier properties
  3. Synthesis of novel biobased bindeers and adhesives
  4. Biobased compatibilizers for fabrication of biocomposite materials,
  5. Natural fibers and nanocellulose reinforced bicomposites,
  6. Valorization of lignin  and other biobased side stream to maximize the potential of renewable resources in polymer science


We possess the capacity to conduct laboratory-scale synthesis of biobased binders/adhesives via emulsion polymerization, biobased polyurethane via condensation reaction and surface modification of biopolymers. Additionally, we are equipped to perform surface modification of nano-fillers/bio-additives, prepare master batches, and synthesize biobased compatibilizers for high-performance biocomposites. Our capabilities extend to processing polymers/biopolymers and their composites on a small scale using micro-compounder, fabricating natural fiber reinforced biocomposites, and conducting mechanical property measurements. Furthermore, we have capability to test biobased binders/adhesives on various surfaces.


  • Antiviral biobased resins (01/11/2021 - 30/06/2022) Funder: Business Finland
  • Novel Hydrophobic Graphene/Nanocellulose Composites with Multifunctionalities Monifunktionaaliset hydrofobiset grafeeni-nanoselluloosakomposiitit (01/01/2021 - 31/08/2021) Funder: Academy of Finland


Group members

Maham Arif

Doctoral student through Fortum and Neste Foundation grant.
Topic-lignocellulosic biopolymers based sustainable adhesives for engineered wood products