Bachelor of Science in Technology + Master of Science in Technology (optional)
Study field
LUT School of Engineering Sciences
180 + 120 ECTS credits
3 + 2 years (3 years of Bachelor's studies + 2 years of Master's studies)
Study type
Degree studies
Form of study
Contact teaching
Start date
When to apply
Regular admission
3–17 January 2024 at 15:00 (UTC+2), with degrees completed in Finland.
Rolling admission
1 November 2023–15 May 2024 at 15:00 (UTC+3), with degrees completed outside of Finland.
Tuition fee
EUR 9 500/academic year for non EU/EEA students. No tuition fees for EU/EEA students.

The Bachelor's Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management provides you essential knowledge and capabilities to become an expert in combining business and technology.

The programme increases your understanding of organisations' business, operations, and personnel in a contemporary business environment. It also provides you know-how on industrial production processes, their development and challenges.

The programme responds to the growing need to educate experts with capabilities to renew and develop contemporary industrial organisations sustainably. The aim of the programme is to educate graduates who can apply technical problem-solving skills in analysing and developing business operations in digitising industry environments.


What will you learn in the programme?


In addition to understanding the digital transformation of industrial organisations, the Bachelor's Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management will give you a wide range of skills and capabilities to solve contemporary sustainability challenges from the business perspective.

You will graduate within three academic years with experimental, pragmatic and problem-solving  skills, and an aptitude for continuous self-development and learning to meet the requirements of the professional world.

In this programme, you will learn about industrial production prosesses, inventive design and creativity, digital transformation for industrial services, corporate entrepreneurship and corporate venturing, business and innovation ecosystems, data analytics in business marketing etc.

The programme will also provide you a solid foundation of entrepreneurial know-how to start your own business.

Degree structure and studies


The Bachelor's Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management is a three-year programme. By completing it, you will receive the degree of Bachelor's of Science in Technology, B.Sc. (Tech.), which is 180 ECTS credits.

The programme covers multidisciplinary topics of industrial management, such as innovation management, performance management, product and service development, entrepreneurship, business analytics, and modern finance, enhanced by communication, language and engineering studies.

Your specialisation studies will start in your second academic year and will relate, for example, to the principles of innovation and technology management and analysing different operation models to solve current sustainability challenges.

The programme includes general, intermediate specialisation, industry internship, language and elective studies as well as a Bachelor's thesis at the end of the studies. Read more in this academic year’s curriculum.

After completing the bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and management, you will have the right to continue your studies in the following master's programmes at LUT: Global Management of Innovation and Technology, Innovation and Logistics, Data-analytiikka päätöksenteossa (in Finnish), Digitaalinen palvelutuotanto (in Finnish) and Yrittäjyys (in Finnish). You can also apply separately to the Finnish-language master's programme Tuotantotalous TUDI.


Career prospects


After graduating from the Bachelor's Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management, you will be able to build a career in different industrial or public organisations as an industrial engineer, investment analyst, supply chain analyst, quality engineer, or project manager.

The skills and competencies you will obtain during the programme are in high demand in organisations, which will help you to find employment in the field you want.

Due to the entrepreneurship studies in the programme, you will also be well equipped to start your own business and become an entrepreneur.


The programme is executed in close collaboration with industrial organisations, which enables you to interact and work in real-life project environments during your studies. This collaboration also provides you great opportunities to get traineeships and work.

If you want to continue in the academic field, the Bachelor's degree also gives you a direct route to further studies in Master's programmes in industrial engineering and management.

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