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Hello and warm welcome to LUT! In this blog, you will find which services are available to you when you arrive at LUT. We hope the start of your studies goes smoothly and you’ll get the help, support and experience you wish!

Orientation and the beginning of the spring semester is right around the corner and here’s some basic information about the orientation and start of your studies.


Your peer tutor

All new students starting at LUT in January have been assigned a peer tutor. If for some reason you do not have a tutor or you have any other issues in regards to tutoring, please contact the tutoring secretary via email as soon as possible.

Your tutor is here to help you get settled on campus and begin your studies. They are more than happy to answer any questions you may have so please do not hesitate to reach out to them. Tutors are not personal assistants and they do have their own studies or work, but they are trained to help you with issues you might face and introduce you to the university and services available to you.

Lappeenranta Campus

LUT driver service

LUT driver service is available for all new students arriving to Lappeenranta from outside of Finland. LUT offers driver service on 5–15 January, between 8:00 in the morning and 24:00 midnight. The drivers meet the student at the Lappeenranta travel center, if the student has informed that he/she arrives by train or by bus or at the Lappeenranta airport, if the student has informed that he/she arrives by plane.

If you have informed your arrival details beforehand via the survey sent to you in December, live in a LOAS apartment and have given the permission to give your address and key to the university, the driver should be waiting for you either at the travel center or at the airport.

If you haven’t given your permission to give the address and key to the university, you can do so in LOAS Intra. If you are unsure whether the driver service has your arrival information or not, or if you have any other questions regarding the driver service, please contact the driver service via email, Head of the driver service, Daniel Hadaya, will get back to you as soon as he can.

The driver will be waiting for you with your key only if you have informed your arrival details to us with the survey we sent you or you have contacted driver service on your own and informed them of your arrival details.

If your arrival details change during your travel (notable delays or you miss your train or bus), please contact Daniel Hadaya immediately, tel: +358 46 897 0668. Send a text message or WhatsApp and also inform your tutor about the change of your arrival.

If you arrive after the service hours or dates, you haven’t informed your arrival details or you don’t live in a LOAS apartment, the driver service is not available for you. We do not offer driver service after 15 January.


Daniel Hataya

Head of the driver service
tel: +358 46 897 0668

Welcoming package

Your tutor will give you a welcoming package upon your arrival. It will include a SIM cardinstructions for registration in digital and population data services so that you can get your Finnish personal identity code, a list of things that your tutor should go through with you during orientation and some other leaflets. If you do not need the SIM card, we kindly ask you to return it to your tutor. The SIM cards come from ESN Lappeenranta, and they’ll happily have the unused ones back to give to the newcomers arriving in September.

International student reading in Street Cafe at LUT University campus


Orientation is mandatory for all new students. The orientation is organised on the Lappeenranta campus and you are expected to participate unless you are sick or unable to arrive to Finland on time. Find orientation programmes for exchange students and degree students.

During orientation, you will receive information regarding your studies at LUT, student life in Lappeenranta and student culture overall, Finnish culture, and the services that LUT offers to the students. You will also be doing your course enrollments with your study counselor/coordinator and with your tutors. So, participate in the orientation events with an open mind, ask questions when in doubt and have a great start to your studies. Lappeenranta and LUT has a lot to offer for everyone.


Please be sure to review the fresher’s guide, which has all the important information an LUT fresher needs at the beginning of their studies.

Your tutors are experts when it comes to living in Finland, since some of them have lived here their whole life and some for a few years.  They will share their own experiences and feelings about Finland, but we have also gathered some basic information on living in Finland on this page.

Safe travels, we look forward to seeing you at orientation!


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