Software Product Management and Business

Master of Science in Technology
Lahti Campus

Required Documents

Educational Documents

You may also need to upload additional educational documents

  • Transcript of Records for additional university level studies
    + an official translation in English, Finnish or Swedish - when required
    If having completed programme-specifically required university-level studies not included in the degree you are applying with.


Language Test Result
When required

One of the following language tests in English with at least the minimum score mentioned is required from you for proving your proficiency in English:

How to deliver your language test result? Please see Language Test Requirements.

A Language Certificate issued by your home university or any other institution or organisation is not accepted.

When a Language Test Result is not Required?

A language test result is not required, if you have completed a degree of higher education

  • in English in an EU/EEA country, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom or the United States of America
  • in Finnish or Swedish in a Finnish University or a Finnish University of Applied Sciences

See further details related.

Programme-Specific Documents

  • Letter of Motivation (max. one page A4/Letter)
    Explain in your Letter of Motivation for example, why you wish to study particularly in this programme. You can also explain through examples how your educational or other strong points are related to the programme and how graduating from this programme would support your career plans in the future plus, any other expressions for your motivation towards studying in the programme.
  • Certificate/s of Employment*
    Work experience related to the programme, completed by the end of the application period and proven on Certificate/s of Employment is among the elements for giving points in the evaluation process.
    Upload the relevant document/s proving your work experience to your Online Application Form.
    Work experience only mentioned on a CV will not be accepted.
    *Certificate of Employment / Reference / Letter of Reference / Testimonial / Proof of Employment
  • Certificate/s of Publications
    Publications are among the elements for giving points in the evaluation process.
    Upload document/s to prove your publications.
  • Certificate/s of Extracurricular Activities
    Extracurricular activities are among the elements for giving points in the evaluation process.
    Upload document/s to prove your extracurricular activities related to the programme.

    No official certification required for the programme-specific documents.

Other Documents

  • Copy for the ID page of your passport
    Or, a copy for your official ID card indicating the nationality
    No official certification required.
  • Copy for your Finnish Residence Permit Card
    For the ones already residing in Finland and having one .  
    No official certification required.
  • Official Statement for Grading Scale when required
    If there is no official website to be indicated on the application form to verify the grading scale, the information must be included in the Transcript of Records.
    If not, a separate official document describing the grading scale is required.
    Further information at official requirements for Transcript of Records & what to do when there are elements missing?

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