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The next Regular Admission for studies starting in Fall 2021 will start in the beginning of December, while the updated eligibility requirements being released in the beginning of October.

FAQ's for Applying to Master's Programmes through Regular Admission

The following information does not apply to whenever applying via Rolling Admission while there are special conditions involved. Whenever having questions related to these issues when applying through Rolling Admission, kindly contact LUT Admissions Services.

General Questions Application Documents
Eligibility Application Process
Language Requirements  

General Questions

Where can I find information about the Master's programmes offered by LUT University?
For information about the Master's Programmes, please see Master's Programmes in Technology and Master's Programmes in Business Administration.

How many Master's Programmes can I apply to at LUT University?
You can apply to a maximum of 2 Master's Programmes in Technology (in English) and 1 LUT Master's Programme in Business Administration (in English), given that you are eligible to apply to the programmes. The maximum numbers of programmes to be applied to are the same for the programmes in Finnish. For example, if a student with appropriate language skills in Finnish is able to apply to programmes in Finnish, s/he is able to apply to 2 + 2 programmes in Technology.

Programmes in Technology: If getting admitted to two different programmes, you may choose the one you prefer by accepting the study place offered in that specific preferred programme.

I am studying in a university in my home country. Can I transfer to LUT University?
It is not possible to get transferred to LUT University from your home university. You have to apply to the Master's Programme/s and get admitted for being able to obtain a study right at LUT University while starting the programme from the beginning as anybody else.

Is there an application fee?
There is no application fee for any of the programmes offered by LUT University.

Is there a tuition fee?
All the Finnish universities must have a tuition fee for all the programmes in higher education, that are not taught in Finnish or Swedish. For the Master's Programmes at LUT University the tuition fee is EUR 10 000 per each academic year.

Are there any scholarships available?
Yes - if required to pay the tuition fee, you are also able to apply for a scholarship. However, there are a few programmes that do not offer any scholarships for the first year.For more information, please see Scholarships and Tuition Fee.

Where can I find course descriptions?
You can find the course descriptions for the LUT Master's Programmes at LUT University: Study Guide – more specifics on studies & courses.

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Do I need to have a Bachelor's Degree to be eligible to apply to a Master's Programmes?
You must have a Bachelor's Degree in the same or closely related field of study compared to the Master's Programme that you are applying to. For some programmes and under certain circumstances, it is possible to also apply with a Bachelor's Degree completed in another field of study. A minimum requirement for programme-specific studies in your previous degree is also required in most of the programmes. For more information, please see the websites for each programme starting at Apply to LUT University – Master's Studies.

I will be awaraded my Bachelor's Degree Certificate after the application deadline. Can I apply?
In case of not having been graduated yet, you are eligible to apply, but you must complete your degree by July 31, 2020 at the latest and, mail an officially certified copy for your Degree Certificate and Transcript of Records together with the official translations (if applicable), to LUT University / Admissions Services by August 5, 2020 at 15:00 (UTC+2).

I have completed a Higher National Diploma (HND) / Higher National Certificate (HNC). Can I apply to Master's Programmes?
Qualifications such as Higher National Diploma (HND) and Higher National certificate (HNC) are usually one- or two-year degrees and not alone sufficient to provide eligibility to Master's Programmes. If you have upgraded your HND/HNC to a Bachelor's Degree, you may be eligible to Master's Programmes. In such case, you need to submit your Degree Certificate and Transcript of Records for both your HND/HNC and your Bachelor's Degree in order to show your eligibility. If the HND/HNC and Bachelor's Degree were completed in different countries, different country specific requirements may apply.

Is there a GMAT / GRE requirement for the LUT Master's Programmes?
For Regular Admission, GMAT / GRE General is only required when applying to the Master's Programmes in Business Administration with a degree that is not in the field of Business Administration.

Is there a minimum requirement for the GPA for my degree?
There are programmes with a minimum requirement for the GPA; please check the sites "Eligibility" and "Admissions Criteria and Selection" for the programme that you are applying to. In every programme, the GPA is one element for getting points in the selection process.

I do not meet with all the eligibility requirements, but I have relevant work experience. Can I get admitted?
No, you cannot get admitted if not meeting with the eligibility requirements; you are not an eligible applicant and cannot be admitted. 

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Language Requirements

The language of instruction is English in my university. Do I still need to take a language test?
You have to take a one of the accepted language tests unless, you have completed a Bachelor's/Master's Degree in English in an EU/EEA country or in Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the United States of America – or, if you have completed your degree in Finnish or in Swedish in a Finnish University or University of Applied Sciences.

My language test score is below the minimum requirement. Can I still apply?
You are not eligible to apply with a language test score that is below the minimum requirement and therefore, your application would not be processed.

There are no language tests available before the application deadline. Can I be conditionally admitted and send the language test result later?
You cannot be conditionally admitted and send a language test result after the application DL. An accepted language test result has to be available to LUT Admissions Services by the application DL.

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Application Documents

What documents do I need to submit?
There are different documents required for each programme. Please find the programme-specific information on the page "Required Documents" for each programme starting at Apply to LUT University – Master's Studies.

How do I certify my educational documents?
The requirements for authentication depend on the fact whether you must follow the country-specific requirements for document authentication or not.
Please check whether your degree awarding country is listed among the countries listed at the site "Country-Specific Requirements" under "Required Documents" - "Document Authentication" and then follow the given instructions. There will be no exceptions made to these requirements.
All translations (if applicable) for the educational documents must be done by official translators. Each page of an official translation must bear the translator's original stamp and/or signature. Please note that you must also submit an officially certified copy of the translated document in its original language.

My university does not use ECTS credit system. How do I convert my studies into ECTS credits?
Please convert your credits according to the following instruction: 1 ECTS credit = an average workload of 26 hours (including lectures, assignments, etc.). Please note that you are responsible for presenting the required studies according to study modules and in the form of ECTS credits on your application. There will unfortunately, be no preliminary statements or examples given on converting the ECTS credits in advance.

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Application Process

When is the application period for the Master's Programmes offered by LUT University?
The application period is December 2, 2019 - January 22, 2020 at 15:00 (UTC+2).

I missed the application deadline. Can my application still be considered?
Your application will not be processed if not submitted by the application DL. If having missed the DL for the Regular Admission, please consider applying throug Rolling Admission, while the application DL being May 31, 2020.

How do I start the application procedure for the Master's Programmes?
Please start your application process at

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