Water Technology

Master of Science in Technology
Online Programme

An online programme with no basis for applying for a Residence Permit or Right to Reside in Finland based on studying.


Requirements for the Completed Degree

Degrees Completed in Finland

  • Bachelor of Science in Technology
    Tekniikan kandidaatti
  • Bachelor of Engineering
    Insinööri (AMK)
  • Bachelor's Degree in a field other than Technology or Engineering
    Completed in a University or in a University of Applied Sciences

Regarding to the degrees mentioned above:

  • Having completed a Master's Degree ('diplomi-insinööri', 'maisteri', 'ylempi ammattikorkeakoulututkinto') still makes you eligible to apply, but you must still apply with your Bachelor's Degree.
    • Exception 1: You are not eligible to apply, if having completed a degree 'diplomi-insinööri' in a study programme in the same field of study compared to the programme you are applying to.
    • Exception 2: Degree 'diplomi-insinööri' is accepted for applying, if completed before 2008 when no separate Bachelor's Degree existed.

Degrees Completed Worldwide (excluding Finland)

  • Bachelor of Science in Technology OR closely related to Technology
    Completed in a University - All countries
  • Bachelor of Engineering
    Completed in a University of Applied Sciences - EU/EEA countries

Regarding to the degrees mentioned above:

  • The degree must be equivalent to a similar Finnish Bachelor's Degree regarding to number of academic years and ECTS credits.
  • The degree must give you eligibility to apply to university level Master's studies in the country where the degree was completed in.
  • Having completed a Master's Degree still makes you eligible to apply, but only when applying with a Bachelor's Degree
    • Exception 1: Master's Degree with no immediate prior Bachelor's Degree included is accepted.

The Admissions Committee for the programme reserves a right to decide whether the degree and the completed studies provide the applicant with eligibility to apply to the programme.

Requirements for the Degree-Awarding University

The university awarding you the degree you are applying with must be

Possibility to Apply as Undergraduate

You are eligible to apply as undergraduate and if admitted, you must

  • Complete your degree by July 31, 2019
  • Mail an officially certified copy of your Degree Certificate and Transcript of Records together with the official translations (if applicable), to LUT Admissions Services in a way that they are received by August 5, 2019 at 15:00 (GMT +2)
    • Degrees completed in certain countries require you to follow the country-specific document requirements for authenticating and/or delivering your educational documents.
    • Prepare yourself for a long period of time required for the authentication process before being able to mail us the documents.

Requirements for Proficiency in English

Please see the minimum requirements for proving your proficiency in English and the cases when no language test result is required at

Requirements for Programme-Specific Studies

To possibly get admitted, you must have completed

  • a minimum of 24 ECTS credits of previous studies in the field of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering and Environmental Technology
    Further information: Admissions Criteria and Selection

Admissions Services