Learning outcomes

In your studies, you will become familiar with the production, transmission, distribution and use of energy.

You will get comprehensive basic information about energy production methods, such as solar, wind and thermal technologies, as well as their operation and safety.

Your education will combine technology and science - mathematics, physics and chemistry. You will learn to master the techniques associated with energy production and apply them to problem solving. You will learn to convert natural energy resources such as water, wind or biomass into sustainable energy for human consumption as efficiently as possible.

By the end of the programme, you will be able to apply basic equations of thermal engineering in the examination of energy conversion processes and describe the structure and operation of energy technology equipment (boilers, turbines, compressors, fans, heat exchangers).

You will be able to calculate operating values of equipment, define their design values, and understand their design principles. You will also be able to compare the applicability of various energy conversion processes to different applications from technological, economic and environmental perspectives.

The main programme's themes are energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. In the transition to fully renewable energy production, nuclear power and, above all, nuclear safety will play an important role. Studies in nuclear safety in Finland are only available at LUT University.

Energy Technology

Double degree from LUT and HEBUT,
Bachelor of Science in Technology +
Master of Science in Technology (optional)

180 + 120 ECTS credits

3 + 2 years
(3 years of Bachelor's studies + 2 years of Master's studies)

Start date
August 2022


LUT School of Energy Systems

Lahti campus (Bachelor's) +
Lappeenranta campus (Master's)

Tuition fee and scholarships
EUR 9 000/academic year
(non EU/EEA students)
Scholarships are available from the second year

Rolling admission
1 November 2021 – 31 May 2022

Regular admission
5 January – 19 January 2022

Contact information:
programme content

Aleksi Mankonen, Head of the Programme
e-mail: aleksi.mankonen@lut.fi
tel. +358 50 467 5127

application process
e-mail: admission@lut.fi
tel. +358 46 920 9173