LUT University has a working community of approximately 930 staff.

As a public university, the supreme decision making body of the university is the Board, which is responsible, among other things, for determining the university's operations and key financing objectives, as well as overall strategy and management principles.

Acting as Chairman of the Board is Tuomo Rönkkö.

Rector Juha-Matti Saksa heads the activity of the university and is responsible for the effective fulfillment of the university's mission. In the absence of the rector, Provost Liisa-Maija Sainio is in charge of the university.

In addition to the rector, the university has two vice rectors. Jaana Sandström is responsible for education and Jari Hämäläinen for research.

Research Platforms

REFLEX - Recycling carbon in a flexible competitive energy system. We solve how carbon can be recycled in renewable energy systems where carbon dioxide is reused and renewable energy stored. 

RED - Revealing emission discrepancies. The platform combines the monitoring of the atmosphere with the monitoring of the impact of business and industry on the environment. 

RE-SOURCE - Resource efficient production processes and value chains. We need to move from waste management to resource management – from the "take, make and dispose" approach to maximised resource utilisation.

SAWE - Safe water for all. Limited water resources are one of the main challenges faced by humankind. The SAWE platform aims for a paradigm shift: waste water compounds should be utilised rather than degraded and disposed of. 

DIGI-USER  Smart services for digitalisationWe aim to reveal problems, needs, barriers and solutions through research and help SMEs to co-create digital services with users for various fields, such as energy systems and everyday living.

SIM – Sustainable product processes through simulation. SIM focuses on energy-efficient machine design using real-time simulation. 


The LUT School of Energy Systems' areas of expertise are energy engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering and mechanical engineering. 

The LUT School of Engineering Science acts as an international expert in the fields of separation, purification and process technology, as well as machine vision and pattern recognition, industrial mathematics and different branches of physics.

The LUT School of Business and Management combines business, industrial engineering and management, as well as software expertise in a unique way. The focus of both education and research is on building sustainable competitiveness and promoting green technology.

The University Collegium

A new university law introduced a new administrative branch for universities in Finland, the University Collegium.

In addition to its statutory duties (Universities Act 21 §), the tasks of the University Collegium are to maintain scientific policy debate both within the university and in the surrounding society and to determine the basis for the payment of bonuses to members of the Senate.

The statutory duties of the University Collegium include, among other things, deciding on the number of members of the Senate and the terms of office for its members, choosing members of the University Senate and confirming the university's financial statements and annual report, and granting discharge from liability for the accounts to the Senate members and the President.

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