Industrial Engineering and Management

Industrial engineering and management is an applied field of science that investigates organizational management and how to improve competitiveness. It aims to understand the technical, economic, and human operational preconditions for organizations and operational processes and produces tools for their development. The main priorities for the research at LUT are: innovation and technology management, supply chain management, entrepreneurship, cost management and knowledge management in decision making.

The topics of dissertations are closely connected to the competence areas being focused on by the research groups and connected to ongoing research projects and programmes funded by, for example, TEKES, the Academy of Finland, the EU, regional development funds and foundations. In these projects, there is cross-scientific collaboration between Finnish and international universities and they always include a strong company representation, guaranteeing significant practical importance to the research. Dissertation research can also be done while holding a job. In these cases attempts will be made to connect the doctoral candidate to the activities of the existing research groups as well as possible.

Internationally, an important dimension of research is the presentation of research results in scientific conferences and their publication in scientific journals, in which the novelty and quality of the research is evaluated according to international criteria. In addition, many of those working with their dissertation will go for varying periods to foreign partner universities. Doctoral students can also participate in the courses and workshops of institutes offering international research education. For example EIASM (European Institute of Advanced Studies on Management) offers a variety of courses in the sub-areas of industrial management.

The aim of the doctoral education in the research field of Industrial Engineering and Management is to give the graduating doctors a deep theoretical understanding of their own field of science and their research area. It further aims to provide the ability to produce new scientific knowledge and understand its potential application in practice in the development of an organization's activities.

In addition to academic tasks, the doctoral graduates are readily employed in the business sector, for example in the analysis and development of business processes, in the management and evaluation of innovation activities, in consulting tasks for company management and in tasks connected to demanding international projects. In all these tasks, both profound analytical skills and understanding of organizational entities is required and the doctoral education in industrial engineering and management qualifies the student well for these tasks.

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Industrial Engineering and Management
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