INERCOM – Integrated Energy Conversion Machinery

We support the transition to a carbon-neutral world by creating record-breaking efficient solutions for energy conversion machinery.

The INERCOM platform's research is at the core of the energy system transition from the present fossil-fuel system towards the future carbon-neutral world. In the conversion cycle from renewable electricity to power products (power-to-X) and from power products to electric and heat power (X-to-power), the main challenge is to increase the efficiency across the processes of energy conversion and storage.

The platform focuses on enabling the design and manufacture of integrated energy conversion machinery having extremely high specific power, high efficiency and low raw material usage. By bringing together expertise in mathematical modelling, material research, electromechanical modelling and design, turbomachinery research and machine dynamics, we help the European energy conversion machinery industry to develop financially viable, emission-free applications for e.g. transportation.

We act as an enabler and with our support, both established and new companies can speed up their uptake of the emerging hydrogen economy.

INERCOM – Platform directors and research group leaders

  • Director:
    • Professor Jussi Sopanen, Machine Dynamics (LES, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Co-director:
    • Professor Teemu Turunen-Saaresti, Fluid Dynamics (LES, Energy Engineering)
  • Group leader:
    • Professor Juha Pyrhönen, Electrical Drives (LES, Electrical Engineering)
  • Group leader:
    • Professor Bernardo Barbiellini, Computational Physics (LENS, Physics)
  • Group leader:
    • Associate Professor Lassi Roininen, Mathematics (LENS, Mathematics)
  • Group leader:
    • Professor Juha Väätänen, International Business and Entrepreneurship (LBM)
  • Group leader:
    • Professor Jukka Hallikas, Supply Management (LBM)

Contact Us

Jussi Sopanen
Professor of LES, Mechanical Engineering

+358 40 584 8522
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Teemu Turunen-Saaresti
Professor of LES, Energy Engineering

+358 50 539 5733
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