Research in Applied Electronics

The research themes here at the Laboratory of Applied Electronics often originate from the needs of the business world. Research has been conducted in industrial collaboration and with numerous academic partners as well.

The results of our research are almost always verified in practice, either with a prototype or even with a finished product. The high-quality research is enabled by our new premises, devices and a skilled staff. For a more detailed description of our research activities, see our publications.

Examples of the research objects at the Laboratory of Applied Electronics

  • power electronics and power source engineering applications
  • power electronics solutions in distributed electricity production
  • analogue and digital signal processing
  • EMC and interference shielding technology
  • analogue electronics
  • sensor and measurement technology
  • efficiency coefficient and reliability of power electronics
  • systemic competence in electronics

Contact Information

LUT School of Energy Systems – Electrical Engineering
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FI-53851 Lappeenranta

Tel. +358 294 462 111

LUT School of Energy Systems
Head of School Jarmo Partanen

Electrical Engineering
Head of Department Olli Pyrhönen
Head of Degree Programme Katja Hynynen
Department Secretary Marika Hyrylä