Research group of Laser Processing – LUT Laser

The research group of Laser Processing at LUT Mechanical Engineering, known internationally as LUT Laser, focuses on researching and developing energy-efficient manufacturing methods and processes based on the use of a laser beam for industrial needs.

In addition to manufacturing methods, the research also targets other methods that utilise laser beams. Laser processing is a generic term for methods in which a laser beam is used to manufacture a range of products from various materials.

In general, laser processes are efficient methods that comply with sustainable development and that are used for several tasks, such as joining, cutting and drilling metals and non-metals.

With laser processing, production lead-through times can be shortened, product designing and quality can be improved, and completely new types of products and production technologies can be developed.

The focus areas of the laboratory research include the traditional welding, surface treatment and cutting of metallic materials and the processing of non-metallic materials. The newest focus area is research on additive manufacturing methods, the so-called 3D printing or sintering.

The laboratory's hardware enables versatile research and development work for laser processing.

Hardware of the Laboratory of Laser Processing

  • 10kW and 5kW fibre laser equipment for high-power processing
  • 2.7kW carbon-dioxide laser
  • 200W fibre laser and 20W pulsed fibre laser
  • various workstations for working areas up to 11x4x1.5m
  • laser sintering machine for metals (additive manufacturing, 3D printing)
  • hybrid welding machines
  • wire and powder feeder hardware for dynamic feeding of the filler
  • gas mixing equipment for using various bicomponent and tricomponent gas mixes in the processing phases

Collection of Measurement Devices for Monitoring and Analysing Laser Processing

  • spectroscope
  • pyrometer
  • imaging equipment using active lighting
  • optical sensors for measuring and documenting different wavelengths

Further Information

LUT Mechanical Engineering
Professor Heidi Piili
tel. +358 40 551 0710

Laboratory Engineer Ilkka Poutiainen
tel. +358 400 330 245