Societal interaction

The most central part of our School's societal interaction comprises research cooperation with business and industry. Over half of our activities are focused in this sector. A diversified mix of regional, national and international companies are involved in our research projects.

Our research activities have acted as a springboard for many global bestselling products and new companies.  The tens of patents we have been granted are also a strong demonstration of our expertise.

Nearly 200 Masters of Science in Technology and tens of Doctors of Science in Technology graduate from the LUT each year. They are employed in a variety of positions from universities to companies. The field offers new experts an abundance of work and challenges.

Active school cooperation

From 2012, the LUT School of Energy Systems has taught the Basics of Electronics course to upper secondary school students. The course, which is maintained by the degree programme in Electrical Engineering, comprises theory work completed with the help of online study materials with basic information on electronics, as well as laboratory work at the university's Laboratory of Applied Electronics.

The unit also coordinates the activities of the ABB classroom. The ABB classroom is an experimental physics learning environment for school pupils designed and equipped in cooperation with MAOL ry and ABB. Over 10,000 pupils and teachers have visited the ABB classroom, and over 500 upper secondary school students have completed the Basics of Electronics course.

The Basics of Electronics course and the ABB classroom are part of LUMA Centre Saimaa, headed jointly by the LUT and the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. The LUMA Centre supports and promotes teaching and learning of natural sciences, mathematics and technology at all education levels, as well as children's hobbies related to natural sciences, mathematics and technology


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