Software Engineering

The team of Software Engineering focuses on software and systems development challenges in the digitalizing society. The areas of research include software and enterprise systems development and organisational processes, user experience driven engineering and innovation, and challenging quality factors such as sustainability, privacy, trust and security.

The research conducted by the team is driven by empirical evidence and focuses on professionals at the workplace. Empirical evidence is collected via field studies conducted in real-world organisations in different fields and industries. The team also conducts controlled experiments and quantitative user research in the living lab CODER (Co-Design, Engineering and Innovation with User Experiences), which is a part of the ENOLL network (European Network of Living Labs). These two dimensions of empirical evidence make the results relevant for the practice and guarantee a high potential for advancing the theory.

The research on software engineering focuses both on technology and its use in business environments. The research topics include not only business activities, organisations and innovation, but the group's important expertise lies in technical development as well. The research takes into account what we already understand about industrial and commercial environments and the organisational and business questions related to them.



LUT School of Engineering Science
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Riina Salmimies
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Lea Hannola
Vice Dean
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