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Welcome to the first Curious People Alumni Webinar of the year 2024!

In a world that is struggling to find effective solutions to transition towards a sustainable future, it is crucial to understand both the negative, but also the positive effects of our actions. 

In this webinar, junior researcher Mikko Ropi and postdoctoral researcher Liuliu Du-Ikonen will discuss how the Handprint approach enables to solve the urgent need for sustainable solutions meanwhile letting companies profit from their commitment.

  • How can we inspire and guide companies to look beyond their own footprint reduction targets?
  • How can the companies create sellable products and services to extend sustainability efforts beyond their own actions?
  • What are the transformative actions that companies can apply in practice?

Mikko Ropo  works as a junior researcher at the LUT Environmental Technology / Sustainability Science, focusing on handprint among other things. He is currently writing a doctoral dissertation on the measurement and modelling of sustainability of technological solutions in the fields of renewable energy and circular economy.

Liuliu Du-Ikonen  is a postdoctoral researcher at the LUT Environmental Technology / Sustainability Science. She has broad experience on sustainability assessment and environmental impact, as well as energy efficiency of the buildings and air quality.

The webinar is in English. Sign up by 5 March 2024.

16.30 Welcome to Curious People Alumni Webinar, Päivi Mäkitalo, LUT Alumni Relations

From footprint and handprint, Liuliu Du-Ikonen
Handprint calculation guidance and case studies, Mikko Ropo
Handprint benefits and limitations & summary, Liuliu Du-Ikonen

17.05 Questions from the audience

17.20 Closing words, Päivi Mäkitalo, LUT Alumni Relations

Webinar regording

Curious People alumni webinar on 5 March: Unlocking Handprints

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