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Created 20.6.2022
Updated 20.6.2022

LUT University is a member in a coalition aiming to promote Finnish competitiveness in 6G research and development. The members of the coalition include significant Finnish actors in telecommunications research and development.

The 6G Finland coalition made the headlines in May 2022 when Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin talked about it in a technology seminar in Tokyo during her official visit to Japan.

Now that the 6G Finland coalition has been launched, its members will start preparing a roadmap on the most important focus areas of related research and development. The coalition will be a contact point for Finnish 6G expertise and will actively take part in national and international dialogue in accordance with its goals.

According to Dean Olli Pyrhönen, the development of 6G technology supports LUT University’s research strategy very well. The ongoing energy transition and strong wave of electrification require solutions more efficient than current 5G technology.

”I believe that modern 6G technology will be an important factor in the development of the smart energy system of the future. Data transfer and processing must be performed quickly and cost-efficiently to enable the stability of future electricity networks and real-time electricity trading,” Pyrhönen says.

6G Finland is a network to which new members are invited based on content. In addition to LUT University, the founding members include the universities of Helsinki, Oulu and Tampere, Aalto University, the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, BusinessOulu, Nokia Bell Labs, VTT, and the Finnish Defence Research Agency.

6G Finland’s Industry Chairman Mikko Uusitalo, also Head of Research Department Wireless Advanced Technologies at Nokia Bell Labs Finland, is happy about the new coalition’s importance to Finnish 6G research.

”The development of 6G and related discussion is rapidly increasing internationally. This is an opportune moment for Finland to enhance its 6G collaboration also nationally,” Uusitalo explains.

Finland has been a world leader in 6G research and development since it launched the world’s first 6G research programme 6G Flagship in 2018. In addition, Finland is spearheading the European 6G flagship project, Hexa-X, and plays an important role in the EU’s 6G activities.

As 6G Finland includes not only research institutes but also businesses, the coalition is one of the most significant hubs of 6G expertise globally. Similar coalitions have so far been established in Japan, the US, and Germany.