Manivannan Sethurajan

Manivannan Sethurajan
Post-doctoral researcher
Separation Science
LUT School of Engineering Sciences


Dr. Sethurajan is an experienced Postdoctoral Fellow, with a demonstrated history of working and solid research background in Environmental bio/Science and technology (Biological and chemical hydrometallurgy, critical raw materials, rare earth elements, metal recovery, resource recovery and waste management) interested in a challenging environment that values research experience and ability of analysis.

Dr. Sethurajan did doctoral research under the frame of Erasmus-Mundus Joint Doctorate Degree from three European Universities, Universite de ParisEST, UNESCO-IHE Delft, The Netherlands and UNICAS, Italy. Before joining LUT University, Dr. Sethurajan did post-doctoral research in the frame of Marie Curie CoFund post-doctoral fellowship at IHE Delft, The Netherlands, National Post Doctoral Fellowship at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India and IPD STEMA Post doc fellowship at University of Liege, Belgium. Dr. Sethurajan started his research career as a Research Engineer in the National University of Singapore, Singapore.

Dr. Sethurajan attended several international conferences and published several peer reviewed research articles in reputed journals. Dr. Sethurajan currently working on development of innovative sustainable solutions for resource recovery and management of various solid and liquid wastes (including Batteries and other WEEE) in laboratory scale R&D projects. Such as

- Metal recovery from End-of-life electronic wastes (mainly Li ion batteries & PCBs) and hazardous/solid wastes.

- Critical raw materials/rare earths hydrometallurgy.

- Recovery of metals from polymetallic aqueous solutions (e.g. wastewater, leachates etc).

- Nutrients (e.g. Phosphorus) recovery from sewage sludge.

- Geochemical modelling (e.g. Visual Minteq).

Apart from research activities, Dr. Sethurajan involved in teaching and mentoring students in Environmental engineering and technology related subjects.

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