Pia Adibe

Pia Adibe
Junior Researcher
Business Studies
LUT School of Business and Management
Research areas
Business, Management and Accounting


As a Doctoral Researcher, my research focus is on collaboration and organizing, and I am drawn to research that aims to bring individual narrative knowing and dialogic methods to the core of learning and development of sustainable systems and digital solutions. My methodological interests reside in qualitative process research. I hold a master's degree in knowledge management.

I am a Board Member of Systems Change Finland ry and an Editor-In-Chief of Finnish knowledge management journal Tietoasiantuntija, published by Tietojohtaminen ry. I was a Lecturer of knowledge management and intellectual capital in 2016 – 2018. Having served in several positions of trust in the last 15 years, I also have a decade of experience as Freelance Journalist. Over 20 years work experience in a private business and about 7 years in a third sector, in the areas of adult education and NGO.