Creative technology (Createch ) solutions and applications have been predicted to be the next global success and growth sector. Createch is a technology that connects people's creativity and new innovative (digital) solutions together. Technology is often thought of as a tool for automating and enhancing routine things, through with Createch, this sort of image is changing rapidly.

New technologies are used more and more in creative work, especially as an auxiliary tool for human work, but through technical robotization, in part even as replacements for human work. The project focuses on the fastest growing areas of Createch technologies and explores the opportunities for change that come with it. Createch is already widely used today in various b2b and b2c industries, and this development enables a lot of business and jobs in South Karelia as well, assuming that the technology is quickly adopted.

The companies in the province have expressed their interest in implementing Createch experiments, in which the project also participates with regional companies and public administration operators. The project also utilizes Createch in the process of innovating new services, events and marketing content, and brings out the possibilities of the technology.

In the project, Createch Showroom will be created, together with the project participants. The showroom offers change to try these technologies in guided workshops.


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