Ari Happonen

Associate professor
Software Engineering
LUT School of Engineering Sciences
Research areas
Computer Networks and Communications
Management Science and Operations Research
Information Systems and Management
Computer Science
Management of Technology and Innovation


Associate Professor Ari Happonen, D.Sc. (Tech) works as project manager/leader, principal researcher, lecturer, post graduate supervisor & mentor at University - Industry collaborator at LUT School of Engineering Science in LUT University, Finland. His research interests include digitalization and robotization, sustainability and AI enhanced circularity, high speed wired and wireless networks, motivation in learning, automation & logistics, management systems, experimental innovation, design thinking, front end innovation, decision support systems and participatory sensing. His research has mainly focused on Digitalization enhanced industrial collaboration and innovativeness, both in B2B and in B2C contexts with quite a much of automation flavor included in software and hardware solution levels. He has been highly active in education and teaching development efforts for more than 15 years and is currently working as an intermediary in multiple research projects between Universities and front-line innovative companies. He has guided more close to 200 theses, published around 120 academic publications and has been main lecturer on more than 70 courses, with highly positive feedback.

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