SimDec is a new generation sensitivity analysis technique. By decomposing your decision-making indicator by influence of input factors, SimDec reveals causalities, interactions, and provides actionable information. The more complex your model is, the more insights you will get with SimDec.

Decision-making under uncertainty and long pay-off times is difficult and gets even harder in business environments, where the decision analysis is done by one person, and the final managerial authority belongs to another. Good investment opportunities are missed, as the tools used to analyze and report the results fail to find them, and bad investments are not caught, as the risks associated with them are not visible in the used approaches.

SimDec is a breakthrough technology that originated at LUT Business School. It is a simple but powerful tool with an innovative approach to uncertainty analysis that solves much of the difficulty in the analysis and decision-maker dualism. SimDec is a one-of-a-kind technology for so-called multifactor analysis with the ability to reveal interactions of factors and assist the decision-maker in shaping a profitable strategy. The value of our innovative approach has already been demonstrated both in the academic and managerial realms, with multiple academic publications in highly respected journals, testimonials on the utility from industry experts, and letters of interest from multi-billion technology companies.

SimDec project
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Project funder
Business Finland

Project period
1.1.2022 – 31.12.2022

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Project goals

The aim of this research-to-business project is to prepare the commercialization strategy for SimDec.

By the end of the project, we will

  1. test SimDec concept with a sophisticated 'trade secret' recommendation algorithm
  2. conduct in-depth market research
  3. figure out from which market segment to start the commercialization and by which means
  4. develop SimDec proof of- concept solution and test it in series of pilot studies with (already) interested companies.


Contact information

Other project members 

Sofia Ramos (Business & Market research)
Christoph Lohrmann (Researcher)
Julian Scott Yeomans (Researcher)
Alexander Matrosov (LAB Project Manager, Business & Market research)

Project Directors:
LUT: Sami Saarenketo, Dean of LUT Business School
LAB: Pasi Juvonen, RDI Director