Want to become a doctor in Software Engineering in three years? Our doctoral program in Software Engineering offers paid positions for three years starting from January 2025.

As a doctoral researcher in Finland you belong to a research network that gathers the top researchers in the field from 9 participating universities.  This consortium is uniquely positioned to advance doctoral education in software engineering in Finland, collectively covering most major software engineering subfields.

You can join LUT Software Engineering through any of our professors, including

  • Sami Hyrynsalmi, software-intensive business
  • Najmul Islam, responsible digital transformation
  • Jussi Kasurinen, games and software engineering
  • Antti Knutas, civic technology
  • Maria Paasivaara, empirical software engineering
  • Jari Porras, sustainable software engineering
  • Tuukka Ruotsalo, intelligent systems
  • Dominik Siemon, intelligent information systems
  • Kari Smolander, enterprise systems development
  • Annika Wolff, human-data interaction

The contact information is below.


Contact information