The research area is concerned with understanding and improving the way that individuals and communities design, use and evaluate software products. We work within both organizational and societal settings with a focus on engaged and impactful research alongside users. We are committed to principles of openness and empowerment. We have a particular focus on processes, data-intensive and intelligent systems. We have a strong portfolio of national and international research projects.


Research areas

  • human-computer interaction
  • civic technology
  • open-source software communities
  • human-data interaction
  • data and security literacies
  • participatory and user-centred methods
  • more-than human design
  • wearable and sensor technologies


The research area is supported by the CODER Living Lab, which is a member of ENOLL. Coder exists both as a physical infrastructure within LUT in the form of a fully equipped usability lab, as well as our expertise in orchestrating research within communities using co-design approaches. We have good relationships to industrial and societal actors in our localities of Lappeenranta and Lahti.

Group members

Bilal Naqvi

Sanaul Haque

Md Tanvir Hasan

Ajesh Sharma



Tandem (upcoming)

Turfu (upcoming)

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