Our research team extensively analyses various waste management systems (from household waste to industrial waste, e.g. construction and demolition waste or waste from electronics) and strives at identifying environmentally sustainable solutions for waste management, recycling and recovery. While assessing the environmental sustainability of the waste management systems our teams reveals system-specific hot-spots, which are then reconsidered to develop alternative sustainable solutions. Such analysis is often done using life cycle assessment (LCA) method.


Research areas

  • Environmental sustainability of circular economy and waste management systems
  • System solutions for circular economy, waste management, recycling and recovery
  • Nutrient recovery from waste materials
  • Municipal solid waste, industrial and commercial waste, construction and demolition waste, agricultural waste
  • Sustainability of energy systems


The group is utilizing LCA-specific software, such as GaBi or EASETECH, along with various databases to ensure a wide coverage of environmental impacts. Experimental research and laboratory analyses are conducted in co-operation with other research groups and laboratories of LUT University, when required.


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