Bachelor of Science in Technology + Master of Science in Technology (optional)
Study field
Area of study
Mechanical Engineering
LUT School of Energy Systems
180 + 120 ECTS credits
3 + 2 years (3 years of Bachelor's studies + 2 years of Master's studies)
Form of study
Contact teaching
Start date
When to apply
Regular admission
8–22 January 2025 at 15:00 (UTC+2), with degrees completed in Finland
Rolling admission
1 November 2024–15 April 2025 at 15:00 (UTC+3), with degrees completed outside of Finland
Tuition fee
EUR 9 000/academic year for non EU/EEA students. No tuition fees for EU/EEA students.

Mechanical engineering studies give a comprehensive overview of modern product design and production techniques. This programme will teach how to utilise digital and virtual environments in design by considering the principles of the entire product life cycle and circular economy. It will also provide a basis to understand business, marketing, and customer needs in product development.

These studies provide skills to design and manufacture a variety of consumer goods as well as machinery and equipment needed in different industries.

Mechanical engineering is for you if you are inventive, creative, and passionate about developing solutions that promote sustainable development and respect for natural resources.

The Bachelor's Programme in Mechanical Engineering is a unique, international double degree programme developed in cooperation with Hebei University of Technology (HEBUT) in China. Students admitted to this bachelor's programme will receive two degree certificates, from LUT and HEBUT, after they have fulfilled the degree requirements of both. Students complete the entire degree in Lappeenranta, Finland.

Note: Those holding Chinese citizenship are subject to regulations set by Chinese Ministry of Education and must directly apply to HEBUT in order to get double degree. Non-Chinese speaking students must pass a language test during their studies at LUT to receive a degree from Hebei University of Technology. The language test assesses takers' abilities in the application of everyday Chinese (Mandarin). Test contains listening  and reading comprehension and writing sections. Students  who have passed the language test can communicate in Chinese at a basic level in their daily, academic, and professional lives. They can manage most communication in Chinese when travelling in China. For more information, contact

EUR-ACE.and ASIIN accredited programs


The programme is accredited by international EUR-ACE® and ASIIN standards for high quality degree programmes in engineering. 

What will you learn in the programme?


By the end of the studies, you will be able to build, measure and test a variety of sustainable technical solutions both in real life and virtually.

LUT's mechanical engineering department represents the cutting edge of industry. LUT provides a unique opportunity to implement conventional and modern aspects of mechanical engineering for the development of futuristic and revolutionary solutions. For example, one of the department’s ongoing projects is to develop artificial intelligence for Industry 4.0 machinery. With the help of power calculation, machines will be able to predict the future. With this "consciousness", the machine will select and execute movements as smooth and practical as possible.

The diverse teaching in the programme prepares students for the international labour market. The technology industry is Finland's most important export sector, and its largest industrial sector is the machinery and metal industry. Successful products in the machinery and metal industries include cruise ships, marine and power plant engines, elevators, cranes and hoists, electric and hybrid cars, and state-of-the-art commercial machines.


Degree structure and studies


The Bachelor's Programme in Mechanical Engineering takes three years and leads to two degrees of Bachelor of Science in Technology, B.Sc. (Tech.), which is 180 ECTS credits.

The programme includes general, intermediate specialisation, minor, language and elective studies as well as a bachelor's thesis at the end of the studies. Read more in this academic year’s curriculum. 

After completing the Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, you can continue your studies directly in either of the following master's programmes at LUT University:

You can also apply separately to either of the following master’s programmes in the field of mechanical engineering:



Quality of education


The high quality of education is one of the most important principles on which we will not compromise. International programme accreditations ensure the continuous development of our education and the international recognition of the degrees of our graduates. LUT University was one of the world’s top 300 universities in the autumn 2023 THE World University Rankings, which is one of the most highly regarded university ranking systems.


The systematic quality assurance procedures that we have developed over a long period guarantee the high quality of our degree programmes and the strong competence of our graduates in the future labour market. The underpinning elements of our education quality are the contents of our degree programmes, which are based on innovations of scientific research and the needs of the working world, and active student–teacher interaction. We evaluate the quality of our education through several follow-up procedures and feedback channels (e.g., course feedback, graduate feedback, alumni feedback, thesis commissioners’ feedback).

Career prospects


There is a great demand in the labour market for mechanical engineering experts.

A mechanical engineering degree opens the door to a wide range of jobs in the metal or automotive industries, for example, but also in industries related to food, health care, energy, chemicals, construction, transport, or climate change mitigation.

You can work in management and expert positions, as a design or production engineer, or in the development of consumer goods, machinery, equipment, and their parts. With a Master's degree in mechanical engineering, you can also research and develop manufacturing methods and apply them to production or simulate process or mechanical systems. It is also possible to complete a Master’s degree in business administration after the Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering to forge a career path in managerial positions in the mechanical engineering industries.



Your work may also involve training, research, and marketing, for example in industrial projects or in your own company. Master's graduates in mechanical engineering have gone on to become:

  • heads of virtual design firms
  • design managers of international energy companies
  • production managers of pulp and paper plants
  • mechanical engineers
  • quality control managers in the metal industry
  • product development engineers/managers
  • research and development engineers
  • project engineers/managers


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