SAT Test Results

LUT University's institutional code for SAT-Test is 7603

When applying to the Bachelor's Programme in Technology and Engineering Science, you are able to apply on the basis of a relevant degree on the upper secondary level of education plus the required SAT Test.

To see the SAT Tests required when applying to the Bachelor's Programme, please see Applying with a SAT Test

About the SAT Test

The SAT Tests are assessing the students' readiness and ability to successfully enter and complete college studies.

There are test centres all around the world - you can find the closest one for you at

There are only a very limited number of test available, please see the dates

Validity for the Tests

The SAT Test has to be taken in 12 March 2022 at the latest.
Only a SAT Test taken after 1 January 2018 is accepted.


Deadline for the Test Results

Your SAT Test result have to reach LUT University / Admissions Services directly from the test organizer in 19 April 2022 at 15:00 (UTC+3) at the latest - immediately after the test results for the SAT Tests taken in March 2022 are available.   
You may have your SAT Test results submitted by the test organizer as soon as possible; we will file your test result and attach it to your application. Remember that you do have to upload a copy to your online application - even if the original is sent directly from the test organizer.


How to Submit Your Test Scores to LUT University?

Your official Score Report will be available to you approx. 5 weeks after the test. When having an active CollegeBoard online account you are able to get your Scores online which is the quickest way to receive them. For more information about the scores, please see Understanding Your Scores.

LUT University / Admissions Services only accept your SAT Test scores if an official Score Report is received directly from the test organizer CollegeBoard.

To get your test results submitted to LUT University, please choose LUT University as a score recipient when registering for the SAT Tests – the institutional code required is 7603.

If not having chosen LUT University as a score recipient while registering for the test or, applying with earlier test results and wish to make them available to LUT University, you need to order additional SAT Score Reports.






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