Donate to good causes

Did you know that there are many ways in which you can help LUT to make the world a better place for future generations? You can donate time, expertise or a proportion of your wealth for common good.

Give time and share your skills

You can donate time and expertise for LUT by

  • helping to organise events
  • organising a class reunion
  • inviting alumni or students for a visit to your company
  • telling the your career story to others
  • volunteering as a student mentor
  • holding a visiting lecture at LUT
  • taking part in decision-making in different bodies of LUT

Contact us to discuss the different opportunities.

Set your sights on the future

Private donations have played a significant role in the history of Finnish universities.  You can also contribute to scientific work and to finding new solutions to our common problems.

Traditionally, donations have been by means of wills, sponsored professorships and monetary donations.

Read more about donation opportunities at Support science.

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