What are alumni activities?

Basically, alumni activities mean that we maintain contacts with our graduates, integrate them into university's every day practices and offer them with a chance to network with other alumni.

We would also like to hear from our alumni about the latest developments in working life so that we can use the information in research and the development of education.

There are no membership fees as all alumni activities at LUT are on a voluntary basis.

Am I an alumnus/alumna?

All LUT graduates are also LUT alumni, including:

  • holders of Bachelor's degrees
  • Masters of Science (Economics and Business Administration)
  • Masters of Science (Technology)
  • Doctors and Licentiates
  • holders of eMBA degree

All former and present LUT staff members are also warmly welcome to alumni events.

How can I join?

The easiest way to joint LUT alumni activities is to complete and send the contact information form. You can also send an email to alumni@lut.fi.

Expand your networks

Why not join the rapidly growing Linkedln network of LUT alumni?

Contact us

LUT Alumni
LUT University
P.O.Box 20
FI-53851 Lappeenranta

Elina Hannikainen-Himanen
+358 40 573 3790

Lea Lonka
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