Data Protection

Data protection safeguards your rights when your personal data is processed. Everyone has the right to the protection of personal data. Data Protection is a fundamental right that safeguards the rights and freedoms of data subjects when personal data is processed.

The purpose od data protection is to define when and on what conditions personal data can be processed. The processing of personal data must always be based on law.

University operation requires processing and storing pesonal data. University complies in with legislation concerning personal data processing.

Data protection officer

University has Data protection officer. Data protection officer controls the legislation of processing personal data and is the contact person between data subject and supervising authority.

Data protection officer:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0294 462 111 (switchboard)
  • Anne Himanka, Legal Counsel
  • Address: BOX 20, FI-53851 Lappeenranta Finland

Data subjects rights

Processing of data subjects personal data is informed with privacy notices. Familiarise yourself with LUT's Privacy Notices.

According to European General Data Protection Regulation data subject has also the right to obtain information on the processing of personal data, right to rectifaction of data and right to erasure of data. Look at instructions and forms below of how to leave a request. Not all of these rights can be exercised in all situations, depending on factors such as the basis for the processing of personal data.


You can leave a reguest for obtaining information on the processing of personal data, right to rectifaction of data and right to erasure of data. 
Take into account that erasure of personal data does not concern data that LUT is processing in compliance with a legal option or legitimate interest pursued by the controller.

Fill in the form and send it to address: 

Your identity is checked before respond.

  • form 1 comes  here
  • form 2 comes here

Privacy Notices

Data subject is informed of personal data processing in LUT with privacy notices.



  • Employees

University Services:

Partners and stakeholders:


  • Library customers



Informing data subjects in scientific research is done by research group or researcher. Privacy Notices of scientific research are not published in University web-pages.



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