Software Engineering

The Software Engineering research focuses on software engineering management, software development technologies, processes, and practices.  Other important viewpoints include business and organisational aspects of software.

Software development technologies comprise platforms and infrastructures, application architectures and ecosystems, open data, and big data. Key operations and processes in software and systems development include design, requirements and testing, to name a few. Business and organisational aspects involve life cycle issues, software innovations, service development and software business. Also user-oriented software development, including needs and requirements assessments and user-based processes, are targets of research.

Doctoral education in the field of Software Engineering prepares researchers to analyse complicated situations to find well-grounded solutions to them, and instructs in the use of scientific methods in information retrieval, analysis and reporting. The objectives also include knowledge of the latest research results in the field, the ability to organise and manage research projects, and report research results in a popularised manner.

The key target of the research is to publish the results in highly regarded scientific forums, which comprise classified conferences and scientific journals. Publications are written in cooperation with other researchers. Typically, the publication process involves collaboration between a professor, post-doctoral researchers and doctoral students. Moreover, publications are frequently co-authored with researchers from other universities and with representatives of the corporate world. Partners in cooperation may be based in any country, providing an opportunity for genuinely international collaboration.

A significant part of the research is carried out in cooperation with industrial partners. A research project usually includes field research, which examines the studied phenomenon, such as software testing, in a real-life situation in a company. Typical methods to obtain information include interviews and observation. The obtained information is analysed using both qualitative and quantitative methods. The aim is both to obtain scientific results and offer businesses and communities information to develop their practices and understand problems related to their operations.

International elements, such as researcher exchange, research visits or international research conferences, are an integral part of doctoral studies in Software Engineering.

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Software Engineering
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