Research at the LUT School of Business and Management

The research at LBM results in new and relevant information on the factors of success for modern business and organisations, focusing on both the competitive edge of single organisations, as well as cooperation networks and the more broad-scoped operating environment. Research centres on key issues related to the future of Finland, Europe and the entire world.

In LBM the research covers central areas of business management: strategy, management, accounting and finance, marketing, international business and entrepreneurship.

We want to understand the internal factors of an organisation as well as external factors that help it build and improve its competitiveness – i.e. cost effectiveness, continuous renewal and growth, innovation and sustainable business.  Our objective is to form new understanding that will benefit both the business world and society in Finland and internationally.

We utilise and develop different business and economic theories and models and use quantitative and qualitative research methods that are of a high standard.  The area of expertise comprises numerous research groups that supplement one another and are nationally and internationally networked.

Interdisciplinary research

We also actively carry out research within the university in the fields of business and technology. We publish our research results with our partners in esteemed international scientific forums.

We improve the practical impact of the research by working closely with companies and other social actors in research projects.

Comprehensive focus on entrepreneurship

Research also aims to form an understanding of the broader operating environment of companies, stakeholders and networks in which companies participate. Our understanding of the forest industry, the IT sector, the energy industry, as well as the social welfare and health care sector allows us to examine and support the success factors and innovation potential for these industries.

Additionally, a great deal of research related to cooperation between companies and networks is carried out in Business Studies. Our research helps create an understanding of how innovations are born and developed in complicated networks and ecosystems, which include both competitors and partners.

By implementing the LUT 2020 Strategy, we are helping small and medium-sized companies grow and internationalise. Entrepreneurship and especially international entrepreneurship are the key focuses of research in this area of expertise.

One of our new focuses of research is to examine the innovation of environmental solutions and speeding up commercialisation of solutions, which are carried out in cooperation with our lead clients and to assess environmental impacts and client value of solutions and the decision-making processes of clients.

By improving our understanding of customers, we can change the world and better meet the future's key challenges. Also, business networks, global value chains and cross-sector cooperation in responsible business activities are key research areas.

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Vice Dean, Academic Affairs
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