Research group of Packaging Technology

Research on packaging technology focuses specifically on the conversion of fibre-based packaging materials and on the development of the manufacturing processes of packages. The unit provides businesses and students with versatile expertise in the field of packaging, as well as all modern research equipment.

Research Areas

  • Packaging machinery research and development, especially paperboard forming

  • Converting of fibre-based packaging materials

  • Tool design and manufacturing

  • Sealing solutions for fibre-based packages

  • Package quality control development

  • Packaging material technology

  • Coating and dispersion barriers

  • Digital printing

  • Fibre engineering and technology

  • Nanothin functional coatings

Services of the Laboratory of Packaging Technology

  • Feasibility studies

  • Literature surveys

  • Testing services

  • Productisation

Material and printability testing equipment

  • DT Paper Science roll-to-roll coater

    • Blade or rod coating, sheets or reels

  • Anton Paar Modular Compact Rheometer MCR 302

    • Colloidal stability and material characterisation

  • Temperature and humidity chambers

    • Several multifunctional climate chambers for material storage and climate testing

  • Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS

    • Measures hydrodynamic size and zetapotential of particle dispersions, emulsions and molecular solutions

  • SPALAS™ (Spray Assisted Layer-by-layer Assembly) Coating System

    • Easy self-assembly coating on substrates up to 6" x 10"

  • BRUKER Multimode 8 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

    • Surface nanoscale topography and material properties imaging

  • Attension Theta Contact Angle Meter

    • Highly automated instrument equipped with a high speed camera (420 fps) and picoliter dispenser

  • Adam PMB 53 moisture analyser

    • Material moisture content measurement

  • Digital printers and print quality evaluation

    • Several printers with dye- and pigment-based inks

Converting and heat sealing equipment

  • LUT Packaging Line – die cutting and press forming line

    • Convertability (creasing and forming) testing of fibre-based materials

  • Variovac Primus thermoforming line

    • Convertability testing and heat sealing of polymer and fibre-based materials

  • Kongsberg XE-10 digital creasing and cutting table

    • Sample making and short-run production

  • Ilpra Speedy – Tray sealer

    • Heat sealing, vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

Package integrity testing equipment

  • Mocon OpTech O2 Platinum analyser

    • Headspace, dissolved oxygen, package leak and oxygen permentation measurement

  •  Witt Leak-Master leak detection system

    • Non-destructive testing, CO2 detection

  • Witt Oxybaby gas analyser

    • O2, CO2 and N2 measurement for MAP packages

LUT Mechanical engineering - merged expertise

LUT's mechanical and metal technology expertise is concentrated in the department LUT Mechanical Engineering. The department is a significant international actor in the field of mechanical engineering and metal technology applications.

Its core expertise includes mechatronic systems design, welded metal structures, and sustainable production technology, which are all key in modern machine building. The life cycle-like operating practices of LUT Mechanical Engineering are characterised by digitalisation, taking product design, material choices, manufacturability, assembly, maintenance, and reuse into account in a sustainable and interactive manner.

The department has professorships in virtual design, machine dynamics, steel structures, mechatronics, production technology, welding technology, laser technology, packaging technology, and fibre composites.

Further Information

Associate professor of Packaging Technology
Ville Leminen
tel. +358 40 169 3485

Development Manager
Mika Kainusalmi
tel. +358 50 919 2939