Jukka Ruusunen
Created 19.4.2024
Updated 23.4.2024

LUT University has appointed Jukka Ruusunen as an industry professor in electrical engineering. Ruusunen’s three-year term will end in March 2027. As an industry professor, Ruusunen will help LUT develop research on the societally important energy reform and green transition and related national and international collaboration. 

Before retirement, Ruusunen had already planned to dive into the world of research and education. When LUT reached out to him, his decision was easy. 

“The energy system transition has, for years, been not only a profession but a passion for me. We're talking about one of the most important problems humankind has faced. We need to save our planet for our children and grandchildren. To that end, the electrification of society is an essential course of action,” Ruusunen reasons. ee. 


Key aspects: energy system resilience and preparedness

Ruusunen has been involved in the energy business since 1996 – for a decade as Fortum’s vice president of business development and then for 17 years as Fingrid’s president and CEO. A 13-year academic career at Helsinki University of Technology was a launching pad for his work in the energy industry. 

“My deepest expertise relates to the power system, electricity markets, and electricity grids. I've been a member of the National Emergency Supply Council for 12 years – the past six as the chair. In my opinion, that experience will prove useful when we examine energy system resilience and preparedness,” Ruusunen assesses. 

The energy system transition is not only a profession but a passion for me.

LUT has excellent industry connections

Ruusunen considers LUT's collaboration with Finnish industry of essential importance. He will contribute to it with his extensive network. Ruusunen will also teach in LUT's master's and doctoral programmes. 

“I see LUT as a modern Finnish university that could very well be compared to MIT. The university has a highly qualified staff that works well together. I hold LUT's national industry connections in high regard. I’m hoping for very few silos related to the energy transition, because it’s a field that involves a great deal of cross-disciplinary research.”

High-energy, outdoorsy industry professor

Ruusunen considers himself lucky to be able to combine leisurely retirement and working for the common good. As an industry professor, he will offer LUT his energy business expertise and his academic and corporate management experience. 

“I’m looking forward to rolling up my sleeves. LUT’s knowledgeable researchers and I have started by putting our heads together to develop research that’s needed for the energy transition. I’ve also had initial discussions about how I could assist LUT’s instructors in their important work,” Ruusunen outlines.

Jukka Ruusunen lives in Tuusula with his wife Kirsi. His hobbies include fishing, cycling, kayaking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. 

“We spend a great deal of time with our four children and seven grandchildren. I enjoy Finnish nature year-round. I often venture outdoors when we’re at our summer cottage in Sysmä. I’m also fond of reading and listening to music,” Ruusunen says.

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