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Join us in the first Curious People Alumni Webinar of the academic year for an engaging panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing the field of Mechanical Engineering. 

We will explore what kind of future is ahead in mechanical engineering, examining emerging methodologies, techniques, trends, and the evolving landscape of business and job markets. Additionally, we will dive into the significant contributions and role of LUT in this dynamic field.

The panel discussion will feature insights from four of our new Mechanical Engineering professors, Grzegorz Orzechowski, Humberto Almeida Jr, Masoud Moshtaghi and Henrik Ebel. Leading the panel is Professor Aki Mikkola, a visionary and pioneer in machine design.

The webinar is in English. Sign up here.


Humberto Almeida Jr. serves as an Assistant Professor in Composite Materials and Solid Mechanics at the Mechanical Engineering Department of LUT University. His research primarily focuses on the mechanics of fibre-reinforced composites, utilising both advanced computational and experimental methods. 

Grzegorz Orzechowski is an Associate Professor in Lahti at the LUT Sustainable Mechatronics / Mechanical Engineering -programme. His scientific work focuses for example on developing data-driven friction force prediction models for hydraulic actuators using deep neural networks, and creating efficient and accurate real-time simulations of coupled mechanical systems using the Universal Hydraulic Surrogate.

Henrik Ebel is tenure-track assistant professor in LUT’s mechanical engineering department and focuses on dynamics and control. He has a broad experience in supervising and conducting research in simulation science, robotics, control, and machine learning. The key focal and starting points for his research usually arise from intricacies of the mechanical dynamics of the systems involved. 

Masoud Moshtaghi speaker bio will be published later.



16.30 Welcome to Curious People Alumni Webinar, Päivi Mäkitalo, LUT Alumni Relations

16.35 The Future of Mechanical Engineering
Aki Mikkola, Grzegorz Orzechowski, Humberto Almeida Jr, Masoud Moshtaghi, and Henrik Ebel, LUT School of Engineering Sciences, Mechanical Engineering

17.05 Questions from the audience

17.20 Closing words, Päivi Mäkitalo, LUT Alumni Relations