Created 25.11.2022
Updated 19.12.2022

The application period for LUT University’s English-language bachelor’s programmes starts on 4 January 2023. Both Finnish and international students can apply to the programmes, which will start in Lappeenranta and Lahti in August 2023.

Six English-language bachelor’s programmes will start at LUT University in August 2023. They are well suited for both Finnish and international students.

”The studies will help graduates access the international job market: they will obtain expertise in their field, strong language skills, and the ability to work in an international environment in Finland or abroad,” describes Jaana Sandström, vice rector for education.

Sandström also encourages Finnish applicants with English skills to pursue international studies. For instance, roughly one fifth of the 536 students in the English-language bachelor’s programmes currently under way are Finns.

The programmes take three years and lead to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Technology. Graduates may continue their studies in LUT’s master’s programmes.

Four of the six international bachelor’s programmes are double-degree programmes arranged in collaboration with Hebei University of Technology (HEBUT), China. In other words, graduates obtain diplomas from both universities.

According to Sandström, students get to know other cultures and business practices in other countries during their studies even though they are completing their degree in Finland.

”Double degrees with HEBUT may include topic areas such as Chinese business, culture and technology, and Chinese language courses.”

Bachelor's programmes in the spring joint application round:



The application period starts on 4 January 2023 and ends on 18 January 2023 at 15:00. Apply to the English-language bachelor’s programmes at studyinfo.fi.

Rolling admission continues

Applicants who have completed or are close to completing a degree outside of Finland will also be eligible for rolling admission to English-language bachelor’s programmes after the regular admission period is over. In rolling admission, LUT will review applications until 15 May 2023 if places remain in the programmes.

More information: admission@lut.fi