Jarkko Levänen

Jarkko Levänen
Associate Professor (Tenure Track)
Sustainablity Science
LUT School of Energy Systems


Jarkko Levänen is responsible for Master’s Programme in Circular Economy at LUT Lahti Campus. His research focuses on new socio-ecological models and sustainability management in the areas of circular economy and climate change mitigation.

Ongoing projects:

- Providing operational economic appraisal methods and practices for informed decision-making on climate and environmental policies: https://pattern-heu.eu

- Standardised, automated, safe and cost-efficient processing of end-of-life batteries for second and third life re-use and recycling: https://reinforceproject.eu/

- Sustainable textile systems: Co-creating resource-wise business for Finland in global textile networks: https://finix.aalto.fi/

- Sustainable circulation of inorganic materials: https://www.lut.fi/en/sci-mat

- Collective stakeholder action for commons: Integrating business-stakeholder value creation with polycentric governance: https://www.action4commons.fi/

- Recycling of lithium from secondary raw materials and further: https://www.lithium-relief.eu/

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