Integrated Interdisciplinary Education Module on Art, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Science. ArtIST (Art, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Science) is an ERASMUS+ project that aims to design and implement innovative Master-level modules integrating Arts in the education of innovation, entrepreneurship and science.


Project funding
European Commission Erasmus+ Programme

Project period
1.1.2020 – 31.12.20

Project description

In this project we aim to address the need for better structural and strategic approach to STE(A)M integration in university education and elaborating links between needs and benefits of different stakeholders. We address the call for modernization of relevant STE(A)M subjects in multi-disciplinary programmes, such as business, innovation and entrepreneurship. We motivated by the acknowledgement that multi-disciplinarily is lived in our daily actions. Nevertheless, multidisciplinarity goes hand in hand with people with different mindsets that have empathy to understand various viewpoints. However, nowadays it is important to put emphasis not only on multidisciplinarity, but transdisciplinarity. Multidisciplinarity draws on knowledge from different disciplines but stays within their boundaries. Interdisciplinarity analyzes, synthesizes and harmonizes links between disciplines into a coordinated and coherent whole. We focus on STE(A)M and innovation and entrepreneurship as often we seem to forget that innovation does not just arise from mathematical equations; it develops though a human “touch”. Innovation is always linked, to some extent: either directly or indirectly - to a personal experience. Over the last years, we are observing changes in new product development strategy that stresses the need to develop skills in Design Thinking, User Centric Design and User Experience. Human experience can be more sophisticated and effective if it engages elements of art – i.e. listening to music or seeing a piece of art. Therefore, within the scope of ArtIST project we would like to develop an approach to combine arts, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Project goals

ArtIST aim to design and implement an innovative module “Integrated Interdisciplinary Education Module on Art, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Science (ArtIST)” that will contribute to modernization of relevant STE(A)M subjects in multi-disciplinary programs, such as business, innovation and entrepreneurship. Building on methodology of innovation process and open innovation, we aim to develop STE(A)M courses supported with toolbox and online learning space associated with different stages of innovation process. Such, for example, creativity is important for idea generation, business and entrepreneurship and technology market knowledge on opportunity recognition stage, more art and design skills on development stage, and strong technology and engineering competence on production and maintenance stage. Teacher could mix and match STE(A)M modules based on needs of education process, and students can use courses as Lego blocks and build their competence profile based on preferable new skills. This innovative approach is the core for developing competence maps and formulating the policy recommendations for integration of STE(A)M approach in European education.