The project helps people who are at risk of unemployment in the peat sector to find a new job in other sectors. Industries in Finland that use mobile machines (forestry, construction, wood processing, mining) lack experienced operators. Some people from the peat industry worked as machine operators. Although this industry uses specific machines that are mostly tractor-based, their operators are the most suitable people to get new jobs as machine operators. The project introduces machine operator jobs from different segments to the target group. As a novel and promising direction, remote operation will be introduced and promoted.During the project, experts from machine manufacturing companies and from the companies that use their machines share their expertise on the requirements and benefits of operating specific types of machines. We will use real-time simulators to allow workers from the peat-sector to try different types of machines in a virtual environment. Moreover, they will try out remote operation in a virtual and real environment using the equipment existing at LUT University.


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