Our research projects analyse topics such as human behaviour, changes in attitudes and technologies, business operations, the impact of policy measures, and ways to reduce the environmental impact of different production processes. Our research topics include transportation, housing, food production, textiles, electronics, batterification and the circular economy. 

The sustainability change research team has grown substantially in recent years. Based in Lahti, the research group consists of 20 researchers from different backgrounds such as engineering, natural sciences and social sciences. The group is one of Finland's most important centres for sustainability science. 

Our work is based on systems understanding. We embrace a multi- and transdisciplinary approach that enables us to find connections between topics, identify the scale and interconnectedness of phenomena and build a comprehensive picture. We provide society with science-based evidence about measures that contribute to sustainable development, as well as the ones that hinder it.


Research areas

Our research group seeks answers to the following key questions related to ecological, social and economic sustainability:

  • How can we achieve a good life for everyone within planetary boundaries?
  • How will different sectors be impacted when societies move away from fossil fuel use and over-consumption, or when they halt biodiversity loss?
  • What does a just sustainability transition look like, and which measures, technologies and new ways of thinking are needed to achieve it?


Publication type
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Leppäkoski Lauri, Lopez Gabriel, Uusitalo Ville, Nieminen Harri, Järviö Natasha, Kosonen Antti, Koiranen Tuomas, Laari Arto, Breyer Christian, Ahola Jero


Group members