Learning outcomes

The main themes of your studies are production technology, the design of demanding metal structures and robotic welding or the design of mechatronic equipment.

You will also be able to build, measure and test a variety of sustainable technical solutions, both in practice and virtually.

You will gain a wide range of skills to lead people and things in an expert and managerial role in an international work environment. Additionally, you will learn how to start a product development-oriented business. You become familiar with leadership already during your undergraduate studies: leadership skills are practiced through a learning by doing approach under the guidance of teachers and mentors. In M.Sc. studies, competence is deepened through the operating principles and methods of effective management.

Diverse training provides great preparation for the international labor market. The technology industry is Finland's most important export sector and the machinery and metal industry its largest industry. Successful products in the machinery and metal industries include cruise ships, marine and power plant engines, elevators, cranes and hoists, electric and hybrid cars, and state-of-the-art commercial machines.

LUT's mechanical engineering represents the cutting edge of industry. At LUT, you have a unique opportunity to implement modern robotics-based automation applications. For example, an ongoing project is developing artificial intelligence for work machines. With the help of power calculation, the machine can predict the future. With this "consciousness", the machine is able to select and execute as smooth and appropriate movements as possible in its work.

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • familiarise oneself with an open mind with tasks met in the working world and solve theoretical and practical problems and tasks related to equipment and machinery requiring practical and creative approaches,
  • understand and control the physical operating principles of machinery and the stresses on parts of machinery and equipment and the sustainability of their construction materials,
  • know the most modern production systems and manufacturing methods and manage their effective deployment and operation,
  • monitor the international development of mechanical engineering and infrastructure of engineering sciences and use the latest and most reliable information to solve the problems in the field,
  • lead and develop as a supervisor the target-oriented work of the work community,
  • learn about pragmatic problems in the energy and economic sectors and understand the potential of renewable energy applications,
  • take into account measures to prevent climate change in engineering applications,
  • manage the basic knowledge and skills for mechanical engineering studies in order to complete a master's degree in technology.

Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Technology, double degree

180 ECTS credits

3 + 2 years
(3 years of Bachelor's studies + 2 years of Master's studies)

Start date
August 2021


Academic unit
LUT School of Energy Systems


Tuition fee
EUR 9 000/academic year
(non EU/EEA students)

Available from the second year

Next application period
7 – 21 January 2021

Contact information (programme content)
Michael Child, Head of the Programme
e-mail: michael.child@lut.fi
tel. +358 50 467 6898