We blaze the trail and create new things through science

LUT research focuses on topical issues requiring action. We seek solutions to get climate change under control, to promote wind and solar power, for the recycling of nutrients and waste, for the continued access to clean water and energy, and for sustainable business activities.

Our strengths are an understanding of the system level of energy systems, the digital design and production of machinery and equipment, as well as demanding metal structures, especially in Arctic conditions. Green chemistry, separation technique, and scientific calculation are special strengths of ours.

We also produce new methods for refining data faster and with greater versatility. In an increasingly digital world, value-added is created through software which is capable of combining data and services in new ways that have not been seen before.

Entrepreneurial university

The creation of sustainable competitiveness requires close cooperation between enterprises and universities. Our goal is to be Finland's first entrepreneurial university that meets the OECD criteria (link to press release on gauges for business education).

Our economic research focuses increasingly on responsible business activities and support for the internationalisation and growth of SMEs. Among the key questions in our research is finding out what kinds of strategies, business models, and networks will allow for sustainable creation of value in the future.

With the help of research, we also create new models and processes for use by organisations.  We also study procurement, the spread of innovations, the development and commercialisation of the cleantech field.

Our geographical location and our long-standing experience have made LUT a Russia expert. The focus of our research in this area is in the development of the potential of Russia's economy. 

Our goal is to continually boost the quality, influence, and visibility of our research and the amount of funding under competition, and in that way to solidify our position internationally. Already now we are among the best universities in the world (THE World University and QS rankings).

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