Societal interaction

Graduates from the LUT School of Business and Management (LBM) are future problem-solvers who promote the sustainable renewal of business.

As an institution of higher education that trains current and future managers, LBM is committed to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), which aim to implement sustainable and internationally recognised values in education and research (see PRME reports).

The LUT School of Business and Management cooperates closely with business enterprises. An example of this is the LUT Corporate Advisory Board, which supports the development of education and research. It consists of highly influential corporate executives in Finland. In studies, corporate collaboration is apparent in the fact that businesses commission most master's theses (roughly 400 annually) and students solve real-world business problems on a number of courses.

Furthermore, the Firmatiimi business outreach team and the university's Professors of Practice act as liaisons between the university and business enterprises, increasing awareness of opportunities for cooperation and enhancing dialogue and collaboration between the university and businesses. 

We produce research data that can promote the development of production and services in Finland, the competitiveness of European industries, and the global dissemination of green technologies and sustainable business models. Businesses from a number of industry fields are involved in our projects, and our objective is to produce high-level scientific research results, combine theory and practice, and apply novel research-based knowledge in the surrounding society.

The school annually organises a strategy seminar aiming to promote dialogue with industries and businesses.

LUT School of Business and Management is constantly in close interaction with the world around us. The Society for Viipuri School of Economics (VITAKO) is one of the most significant supporters of LUT School of Business and Management and we have a long history together.

The LUT School of Business and Management chose the American researcher Erik Brynjolfsson as the recipient of the year 2019's Viipuri Prize. Brynjolfsson is known for his contributions to the world of IT productivity research and his work on the economics of information – the artificial intelligence awakening and its implications for the workforce.

"If we do it [change] in right way, next ten years will be the best ten years ever in humanity", Brynjolfsson says.

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