Esa Vakkilainen

Esa Vakkilainen
LUT School of Energy Systems
Research areas
Energy Engineering and Power Technology
Environmental Engineering
Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment
Modelling and Simulation
Chemical Engineering
Materials Science


2014-2017 Visiting professor, St Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Department of Nuclear and Energy engineering, St Petersburg
- lectures on Bioenergy Technology
- lectures on Energy Systems Engineering
- lectures on Steam boilers
- lectures on Thermal power systems
- lectures on Waste heat recovery
2012-2016 LUT Head of doctoral program Energy
2009-2016 LUT Head of degree program Energy
2012-2014 Vice Dean, Faculty of Technology, Lappeenranta University of Technology (In charge of education)
2009-2014 LUT Energy Head of International Degree Program Bio-Energy
2001-2009 Leading expert recovery, Pöyry Forest Industry Oy, Forest Industry Engineering, Recovery, Energy and Environment
- area manager for recovery for several green field mills
- responsible for recovery feasibility studies in all continents
- development of recommendations for fining NCG in recovery boiler
- expert advice on recovery boilers, black liquor gasification, biofuel production, electricity generation etc.
2000-2001 Senior development manager, Andritz-Ahlstrom Corporation, Kraft Mill Business
- responsible for technical content in recovery boiler proposals
- responsible for guarantees in recovery boiler proposals
- development of standards for recovery boiler offerings
1992-2000 Senior research manager, Ahlstrom Machinery Corporation, Recovery processes
- management of research team
- directing national and international co-operative research
- use of artificial intelligence tools in steam generator design
- development of visual interface of design environment
- environmental policy analysis
- development of new recovery boiler air system
- spraying of high dry solids liquors
- use of cell automation in combustion simulations
1988-1991 Development manager, CAE, A. Ahlström Osakeyhtiö, Varkaus
- management of CAE
- steam and water circulation
- black liquor combustion
- pressurized gasification of biofuels
- fouling of heat transfer surfaces
- off-design behavior of steam generators
1985-1988 Process engineer, Ahlstrom Boiler Works, Varkaus
- combustion of biofuels
- material and energy balances
- heat transfer in steam generators
- fluidized bed burning process
- responsible for development of new generation of dimensioning
programs for steam generator thermal design
1984-1985 Assistant professor (yliassistentti) of Power plants, Lappeenranta University of Technology
- furnace heat transfer
- optimization of combined cycle processes
- district heating
- combustion of biofuels
1981-1984 Researcher, Lappeenranta University of Technology
- small steam generator process, design and testing
- solar technology for electricity generation
- efficient use of energy and heat in industry

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biomass, P2X, CO2, climate change, steam, boilers, power, recovery