Sakari Penttilä

Sakari Penttilä
Post-doctoral researcher
Mechanical Engineering
LUT School of Energy Systems


- Quality is made by doing things right, not inspecting -

I am an open-minded and easy-going welding automation enthusiast and Post-Doctoral researcher at LUT University. I have been implementing sensor technology and feedback control to welding solutions for improving the quality of the welded joints. Adaptive welding solutions have been my passion, as it can provide a solution to manufacture products by doing things right with the first try as we say in Finnish “kerralla valmis”. Meaning that there is no rework, repair nor scrap. I am also keen on Additive Manufacturing and other technologies that change the way that we do manufacturing in the future. Further my interests have been focusing on utilizing XR (VR, AR, MR) technologies for research, manufacturing and education.

- Get it right with the first go -

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