We explore economic, social, psychological, ethical, and regulatory aspects of digitalization and digital transformation from the vantage points of individuals, organizations, and societies. We value methodological pluralism and employ both qualitative and quantitative approaches in our research. We aim to solve relevant practical problems and create new scientific knowledge by maintaining research rigor.


Research areas

  • Economic, social, and psychological aspects of digitalization
  • Impact of digitalization on individuals, organizations, and societies
  • Sustainable digitalization
  • Privacy and regulatory challenges in digitalization
  • Digital business platforms and ecosystems
  • Digital business strategies
  • Emerging technologies (e.g., blockchain, AI) and their governance
  • Dual consequences of digital technologies (e.g., social media, gaming, metaverse)
  • Explainable and responsible AI
  • Robotic process automation


Our activities are supported by the ChainLab (a blockchain infrastructure in LUT). ChainLab gives a unique opportunity in education and research around blockchain driven digital transformation.

Group members

Bilal Naqvi

Anastasiia Gurzhii

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