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Created 18.1.2024
Updated 26.2.2024

The first joint application round for Finnish universities and LUT University's application period for master’s programmes both ended on 17 January. LUT offered 39 master's programmes and eight English-language bachelor’s programmes. The programmes will be arranged in Lappeenranta, Lahti, Kouvola, and Mikkeli. 

LUT received a total of 14,278 applications to is master’s programmes and English-language bachelor’s programmes, which is over 5,000 more than last year. The applicants represented over a hundred nationalities. 

The most popular programmes in Lappeenranta were the following: 

In Lahti, the following programmes received the most applications: 

“Applicants are clearly interested in our programmes related to clean energy, water, and air, and sustainable business. I’m happy to see that both Finnish and international applicants have found our new programmes in social and communication sciences,” says Jaana Sandström, vice rector for education. 

The new master's programmes in social and communication sciences drew over 500 applications altogether.  


Exceptionally large number of new master’s programmes 

LUT University’s master’s programmes received 11,026 applications: 2,164 to ones arranged in Finnish and 8,862 to ones in English. A total of ten Finnish-language and 29 English-language master’s programmes were open for application. Six new English-language programmes were available in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and social sciences. 

The following Finnish-language master's programmes attracted the most applicants: 

The most popular English-language master's programmes were the following: 

The business programme that attracted the most applications was the Master’s Programme in Business Analytics (538 applicants). Out of LUT's new social sciences programmes, the Master’s Programme in Global Communications and Clean Air, Water and Energy received the largest number of applications (220 applicants). 

Some of LUT's English-language master’s programmes had an early admission period that ended in November 2023. LUT received a total of 858 early admission applications. Applicants who had completed their previous degree outside of Finland were eligible for early admission. 


English-language bachelor's programmes appealed to Finnish applicants 

The first joint application round included eight English-language bachelor's programmes in business and technology. The programmes received a total of 3,252 applications, of which roughly 19 per cent were from Finnish applicants. Overall, the number of applications increased 16 per cent from the year 2023. 

The following English-language bachelor's programmes were applicant favourites: 

Application period to English-language bachelor’s programmes continues 

Rolling admission to LUT's English-language bachelor’s programmes is open until 15 May 2024. Applicants who have completed their previous degree outside of Finland are eligible for rolling admission, and so far, a total of 1,849 applications have been submitted. 

Second joint application period in March 

The second application round includes eleven Finnish-language bachelor’s programmes in technology, business and social sciences. The programmes will take place on LUT’s Lappeenranta campus. The application period starts on 13 January 2024 at 8:00 and ends on 27 March 2024 at 15:00. 

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