Mikael Collan

Mikael Collan
Business Studies
LUT Business School
Research areas
Decision Sciences
Economics, Econometrics and Finance
Business, Management and Accounting


I work as the director general of the VATT institute for economic research in Helsinki. VATT is a government institute that produces economic analyses on various public economy topics to support policy decision-making and to gauge the effectiveness of policies in place.

I hold a position as a full tenured professor of strategic finance at the Lappeenranta University of Technology. We were he first to set up a Business Analytics Master in FIN and among the 10 first worldwide!

My research concentrates on analytics for investment profitability analysis and on management decision-support generally and for investment decisions especially. I have worked on real options valuation and the application of real options in the industry. Pay-off method is my answer to the real world use of real options. Outside the scope of finance and within the field of information systems, I am also interested in how users select solutions and how modeling solution selection may help us to understand better how services and solutions should be designed.

My academic record includes a doctoral degree in business administration / information systems and numerous publications (including books), conference presentations, and invited talks on issues ranging from finance to entrepreneurship to information systems. I have a long experience in teaching corporate finance, information systems, and entrepreneurship to undergraduate and doctoral students.

I also have some years of experience in consulting (business development, corporate control & information systems projects) and I have worked in many projects of developing strategic management systems for the Finnish industry. I manage a small real estate investment company and act as a board member in a number of international and national SME companies.

Skills: Real Options, Investment analysis, Profitability analysis of real estate and long term industrial investments, Business development, Excellent skills in presentation and teaching