The health and wellbeing sector in Finland cannot maintain the current service level without the innovative and large-scale utilization of new technologies. Finland is getting older, the risk of exclusion is increasing, general health is deteriorating and mental health problems are increasing. At the same time, there is not enough money to provide quality services and the labor shortage is also a problem. One promising solution has been identified as the next wave of digitization, Metaverse, which means a three-dimensional and multi-sensory digital environment. Metaverse's core technologies are extended reality and artificial intelligence.


Hyvintointialan Metaversumi


The main goal of the preparation project is to find suitable and committed project and business partners, and to map such burning problems in the wellbeing sector that could be solved with the help of Metaverse. Preliminary solution ideas will also be created, which will be further worked on, prototyped and experimented in the actual project 2025-2027. We are looking for at least six companies that will innovate new wellbeing services and events. International partners are also engaged. One result of the preparatory project is the application for the actual project.

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Createch Wake Up South Karelia!

Createch, i.e. Creative technology, combines people's creativity and new innovative technologies, the cooperation of which creates new scalable, immersive and experiential products, as well as e.g. service and marketing content for wide range of customers

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